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The 8 Habits of Bold Women

As women, we often describe many things as bold: a bold pattern, a bold lipstick, a bold music choice. How often do we stop to describe ourselves as bold? I know that I sometimes feel unworthy of the title. This month is about defining and discovering the boldness in ourselves. The following are eights habits that instill boldness into your life:

1.) Love Yourself

You set the standard for how you should be treated. Take time out to fully appreciate who you are as a person. If you love something, you will be bold in protecting it. That’s why self-love is crucial to boldness.

2.) Care More

The same principle applies to loving others. Give yourself permission to invest in others to the point of vulnerability and you will be surprised at the boldness that follows. When you are free to share all of who you are, you gain a confidence that only comes from knowing you have a support system.

3.) Be Purposeful

This sounds a tad philosophical, but find what gives your life meaning. Find your purpose and live for it wholeheartedly. Knowing what matters and what does not gives you boldness as you make decisions as you measure options in light of your standards.

4.) Care Less

Stop letting other people define your decisions. Really… stop. Focusing your life on something as uncontrollable as other people’s decisions will make you insecure and miserable. Be bold in living for what you deem your life’s purpose.

5.) Listen Well

On the surface, boldness seems to be about being articulate. While that has its place, the most bold of women can listen well. As a result of caring more, they value what every person has to contribute.

6.) Be a Learner

It’s hard to be bold in situations when you lack technical knowledge. Combat that by intentionally learning. Ask questions. Read books. Know current events. Be bold enough to say, “ I don’t know how to do that right now, but I’m willing to learn.”

7.) Be Simple

Enjoy the way the fall winds make you feel a little more alive. Be thankful for that gorgeous view on your commute every day. It’s ok to be entertained by the simple things. In fact, it’s bold to say that anything more than last night’s episode of Scandal is entertaining.

8.) Be Silly

The only thing more bold than making fun of the status quo is making fun of yourself. Let yourself go all out in singing that karaoke song. Feel free to start dancing when you hear your favorite song, no matter wherever you happen to be when it comes on.

We as women are riddled with insecurities. Let’s stop putting the focus on our insecurity and start talking about cultivating boldness. This article is only a conversation starter. Tell us the habits that make you bold. We want to keep the conversation going.


Featured image by Joel Muniz via unsplash.


Taylor Bryant

Taylor is a student at Vanderbilt University who is dedicated to living life with adventure and purpose. Her goal is to inspire and inform women to live meaningful lives. If you'd like to read more, find her at her blog Live and Move (www.liveandmoveblog.blogspot.com).

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