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3 Steps to Effective Planning

Most people either love having a plan or they avoid planning in every way possible. Surprisingly, both extremes can be just as ineffective. There’s a way to balance carefree living and well structured planning. Here it is:

1.) Know What You Want

Much of the tediousness of planning stems from the fact that people fail to connect plans to their dreams. Think about where you want to go in six months, one year, three years. If you have no idea what you want, think about the things you would like to try.

2.) Make a Plan

Depending on your personality, effective planning will look different. Maybe a monthly plan is all you can handle. Or you may be the person who needs to look five years ahead at all times. Whatever your ideal timeframe, incorporate tasks and behaviors into your plan that lead you to your ultimate goals. If you cannot track your progress on a task, it doesn’t belong in your plan. Similarly, avoid adding tasks that do not add direct value to your ultimate goal.

3.) Change Your Plan

Plans make dreams happen. Dreams change. At their core, plans are an extension of dreams. If you have new goals, you need to tweak your plan. People overlook the fact that plans should change. Let your plans grow with you.

Try it. Be a dreamer and a planner. It can be done.

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Taylor Bryant

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