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3 Reasons to Volunteer Abroad

It’s the quintessential college essay: I volunteered abroad and it changed me. Some things are cliché for a reason. Let these three reasons convince you to book your flight for a service trip:

1.) It’s a chance to travel.

Doing a volunteer trip gives you a concrete, and worthy, reason to add an extra stamp to your passport. These trips generally have a free day or two where you get to see the sights of the place you’re staying. What’s even better is that you get the chance to see life as it really is for the people you’re serving. No rose-colored tourist glasses for you!

2.) Use your talents for good.

Our culture tells us that our life is all about us. We chase our dreams. We further our careers. That mentality by itself can leave a person feeling empty. Our talents are not just for our benefit. Service abroad gives you the opportunity to use your gifts in a context that truly needs them. It’s good for the people you work with and it’s good for you, too. [YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: 5 Awesome Reasons to Volunteer in Your Community]

3.) It does change you.

Serving abroad has a way of changing your perspective. I often hear people comment on the happiness that people in other countries have despite having fewer possessions. Volunteer trips make you unplug and think about the things you value. Everyone is changed differently but no one comes back the same.   There are countless other reasons that make service trips valuable: practice your second language, meet friends in another country, fall in love.  For those shamelessly ambitious Flairists out there, volunteering abroad helps you decide which ambitions are worth pursuing in the long run.

Featured image by Yousef Salhamoud via Unsplash.


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